About EADG

From modest beginnings in Hong Kong, EADG has been in a pivotal position to experience the extraordinary rise of the important role and responsibility landscape architecture now plays in China and Asia.

During the break-neck speed of change and development in this region, Landscape Architects have been integral to the shaping of cities, urban systems, natural ecologies and communities. This period has also seen significant growth of EADG’s practice and expansion leading to currently more than ten offices and over 500 staff. It is with great pride that EADG has been a part of this profound change, contributing to raising the profile of the global profession of landscape architecture, and its unique characteristics within the Asia region. We have always endeavored to blend our considerable international experience with local cultural insight to help shape these changes in response to our clients’ vision.

In its over 30-year history, EADG has been on a continual journey, one full of adventure and exploration. The range of projects compiled in this publication reflect not only the diversity of Earth Asia’s practice, but also the profession of landscape architecture in general. From rich, intimate residential and commercial courtyards to major parklands, new communities, districts and whole cities, our work is defined by a blend of vision and craft. With each new project a vision is generated that blends local cultural context with a world-view, then delivered through the applied craft of place-making, communication and detailed technical application. As a result, each project develops its own unique identity and life.